New dental implant trabecular metal from Zimmer/Biomet.

IMG_2807-1The new dental implant from Zimmer/Biomet (W. Palm Beach, Fla), is a step beyond the old version calles TSV (Tapered Screw Vent) because it has a hole at the end of the implant to let the bone grow through and this way having not only a surface osseointegration but also, let’s say, bone inside the implant to assure a long lasting loading withstand.   The new idea conceptualize the ingrow of bone in this simulated with tantalium metal trabecular space.   Two weeks after placement new bone begins to form inside the net meaning that the implant is thought for inmediate and definitive crown placement within this 15 days period of time.  This implant is special for impatient patients who wants all done inmediatelly.  This concept is different to the old inmediate restoration concept because it was thought to be restored with acrilic temporal crown wich had to be changed for a definitive porcelain Crown four months later.

With this trabecular metal new dental implant the final crown (Porcelain or Zirconia) will be placed alone with the implant surgery within two weeks.  This is what is called state of the art.  Awesome.