All on four vs All on five vs All on six

The real meaning of this options to make a full mouth restoration are indeed the costs.  If we can take out the price and put in first in place the stability and lifespan of the full mouth restoration then an all on five for the lower jaw and all on six for the upper jaw is the choice.   Dental implants in Costa Rica with us is the choice so you can get all what is really needed without thinking on the costs because they are anyways affordable.

The difference on an prosthetic structure costs for an all on four an all on six in Costa Rica is meaningless and overall the stability and durability comes first again.

We do offer an all on four in case of a full mouth restoration when asked and  if we have the chance to explain the usual option (all on 5 and all on 6) patients change their minds specially when the costs are not an issue and the success of the procedure can be improved.

It is true that on the maxilla we need bilateral bone grafts called sinus lift before implant placement but in the end the important is to have the full mouth restoration for many years to come without thinking if one implant fails, all fails with an all on four.   On the other hand both sinus lift and a better distribution of six implants is powerful.  Don’t you think?

For the lower again an all on five restoration will have a minimal price impact compared with an all on four with the advantage of a better force distribution on the implants meaning no worries for the patient for many years to come.

In conclusion and all on five for the lower jaw and an all on six on the upper jaw in our clinic for dental implants in Costa Rica is the best choice not only affordable but also the best recommendation for you.