Dental implants in Costa Rica

Our goal is to receive overseas patients for dental implants, Crowns,  fixed Hybrid dentures (inmediate loading), bridges and of course full mouth restorations.   Also bone grafts requiered for a correct implant placement and therefore an excellent final restorative result that overall will last for a long time.    For all this , our team of specialists were trained in Europe; one  in Heidelberg, Germany and the other in  Madrid, Spain.   We speak English, German and Spanish.

The dental clinic is equiped with state of the art “toys” to make the best possible treatment with worldwide quality.   For example dental implants have lifetime warranty and are made in the USA.  The lab for the Crown and Bridges works fast to make the stay of the patient as short as possible, offering the newest in Zirconium Crowns to achieve the best natural looking teeth.

We offer ground transportation for our patients and recommend a nearby Hotel minutes away from the Dental Clinic.

Our affordable dental implants and restorative will make your decision to choose us very easy.   Our patient coordinator will guide you on every step of the way to make your overseas dental treatment as programmed as possible.