Computer guided implant placement vs free hand experience

IMG_0928Today dental implants placement offers computer guided option wich in all cases will produce a surgical guide for the exact placement of the dental implant as previously planned. For this the surgeon just follows a recipe of burs through the surgical guide and without hesitation or effort the dental implant is placed into the bone blind.
This procedures does not make the surgeon more skilled, on the contrary. This means that all the effort is left on a computer and not on becoming a day to day basis a more experienced oral surgeon to make quick decisions and delivery the best possible implant to a patient. The offer of computer design surgical guide is here to stay and will prevail maybe with low costs compared to the high prices and former european exclusive location of a 3D computer at first. All this has changed with the new offer of low cost 3D printers wich make the production of surgical guides from the computer cheapear and quicker. But again an experienced surgeon needs to perform daily to deliver the best surgery to the patients. State of the art means newest not best prooven. In that case traditional dental implants placement will stay forever as a procedure performed from the best oral surgeons around the world.