Patients do not ask for an specific brand of dental implants.

As I began with dental implants back in the early 90s, I was lucky to begin with the osseintegrated type of them because  a little bit earlier(80s) would have had to use a different kind of them wich were in my experience not very succesufull.  Well, at first I used cylinder dental implants that we placed on all our patients, by that time at the University of Heidelberg, until years later it came to our notice,  I mean all the surgeons,  that screw dental implants work better on the long term and we switch to this tendency at the beginning using what is called:  with an external connector, better said with a hexagon  on the top of the implant, wich will let the crown rest to the implant.   Years later a new tendency push us to the use of an internal hexagon connection, wich claim to be better for the fixation of the crown to the implant.   This prosthetic new wave of progress did not mean anything for us surgeons since the insertion of the implant in the bone through a sequence of pre-set drills has been basically the same since the beginning of the dental implants history, at least mine 22 years ago and considering that the spread in the use of them in America is more or less in the early 90s, I consider myself to have lived this evolution together.

The main external design of the implant, wich at the beginning were cylinder and later a screw,  have had some changes wich are not recognizables to the naked eye, since most of them are microscopic and claim to enhance the osseintegration area to the bone because the irregularity created with the different treatments made to the titanium, and maybe the only clear change resides in the fact that screw implants were shiny and now they are opaque due to the manufacture procedure to create microscopic irregularities on the implant surface.

Other materials have been use through out this decades, like stainless steel, carbon, ceramic and nowadays zyrconia and tantalium, but titanium is still the most used.

The decision of wich brand of dental implants is better from the surgical and prosthetic point of view  lies on the experience of the dentis, t specially those like me who want to use the most reliable system,  to live in peace with me and my patients.   As the years pass, and you see what works and what does not, you turn your head to the dental implant brand that in a manner of speaking “get’s your back”.

Patients normally do not ask for an specific brand of dental implants; my feeling is that, they trust the dentist judgment and criteria of what is best for them in this matter.

There is no a perfect dental implant system,  there is an experienced dentist who learn to deliver a long lasting  dental implant and  crown (tooth), through the less painfull and short process possible.

Nevertheless an emotional intelligence from the dentist side is essential to convince the patient without minimizing the risks but enhancing the many advantages of dental implants today, taking in count that for the patients,  anything related to surgery is a huge decision, sometimes  influenced by the circle in wich he relates in terms of  what he has heard,  and this could have a positive or negative feedback on the patient’s position in front of dental implants.   Others patients opinion usually  lightness the final decision of the patient to receive a 21st century treatment such as the dental implants.