Local anesthesia

In 1905 came to the market Novocain (procain) wich allowed painless dental treatments at last.  Today we use lidocain and other similar drugs wich help us all indeed to place dental implants and in general make dentistry heaven compared to what was before.    By then the use of needles needed to sharp them and “sterilize” them with hot water and other substances with doubtfull results.  Now we use one use needles and in our clinica for example in the same patient we use more than one new needle so everytime we inject lidocain, the sharpness of the tip of the needle passes through the gum with minimun trauma and therefore less pain.  We use topical anesthesia and try to tell a good story to distract our patients and use all kind of tricks to make this part as easy as possible.  There are some inyection equipments with microprocesors that basically control the pressure with wich the anesthesia runs into the tissues but at the end of this expensive toy there is indeed a needle again.   So I think is the soft hand of the dentist wich will help the most to inject as gentle as possible.   110 years later, here we are, maybe with some chemichal improvements in the anesthesia and a better biosecurity and sharpnnes of the needles but in general from my point of view a little behind.   So we will keep telling nice stories, usying all the tricks we know and finally injecting with the most care possible for the good or our patients.

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