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How many dental implants are needed?

Dental implants  that we use in Costa Rica are made in USA and have the same warranty.   Dental  Implants have a root shape normally with threads that anchor them to the bone for the first months after after the placement until the titanium achieves osseointegration  with the bone.

It is said that every missing tooth shall be replaced with a dental implant to ensure a good mechanical distribution of the bite  forces in the oral cavity and with this the dental implant will last forever.

On the front of the oral cavity nearby dental implants normally are avoided because of the lost of part of the gum in height.  If the patient has lost all four of the front teeth will requiere 2 dental implants to build a 4 unit implant supported dental bridge...

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Single implant placement

Implante en 4.5IMGP2179IMGP2182

The most commoIMGP2169n procedure in implantologie is a single dental implant surgery, like the one it is shown here. In the first x ray there is an space wich will be replaced with an implant. We drill with the first bur and take another x ray with a metal guide to check if the implant will be parallel to the nearby tooth and also to control the depth of the drilling. The dental implant is placed and a healing abutment is visible through the gum. This is only a temporary screw that will be remove in 3 to 4 months to take the impression and build the crown over the implant.
Dental implants are indeed the best way to replace the missing tooth.
There is not a single report of any titaniun related disease since 1965 when the first dental implant was placed...

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